Project CompoWIN

Since the beginning of November, the Zasavje Regional Development Agency, under the guidance of BICC Sandanski from Bulgaria, has been actively participating in the consortium of the CompoWIN project - More Skilled Hands for Hi-Tech Production, which also involves organizations from Croatia, Estonia, Germany and Slovenia. The project runs from 1.11.2020-31.10.2022.

Cooperation is taking place under the auspices of the Erasmus + program, Key Action 2 Strategic partnership in the field of vocational education and training facilities.

The common thread of the project are composite materials and training in the field of composite industry, which boasts high added value, and the work is still done by hand. In this way, they make airplanes, boats, sports equipment, wind turbine blades, and so on.
Although the industry employs a lot of workers throughout Europe and generates approximately € 70 million in revenues every day, there are still quite weak links between industry and education.
The project partnership will focus on creating a comprehensive, useful and attractive training system for future composite materials manufacturers. The project will create curricula, materials for teachers and documents for self-evaluation. In combination with an existing on-line course, it will be possible to turn general technical knowledge or teaching into basic teaching techniques and knowledge of composite materials, while the aim of the project is also the ability for rapid deployment of training in organizations with no previous experience with composite materials.

Except in Slovenia, it is difficult to find a national vocational qualification in the field of composite materials. The project will strive to place the good practices of the Slovenian national vocational qualification in the education systems of Bulgaria and Croatia, and thus it is expected that this will encourage the dissemination of national vocational qualification in other EU countries.
The target groups of the project are:
  1. SMEs already using composite materials
  2. SMEs operating in the wood, metal and other traditional manufacturing industries
  3. Training providers in the field of vocational education and training
  4. Educational institutions in the field of vocational education and training 

Project CompoWIN will be based on three key innovation approaches:
  1. Creating a successful integrated employment model
  2. Ensuring the sustainability of the project results through the introduction of the model for the development of didactic contents
  3. Address the lack of national vocational qualifications in the field of composite materials and its implementation in European countries
The project partners:
1.Business Information and Consulting Center Sandanski Association (BICC Sandanski), Bulgaria
  1. AFormX, aviation technology and precision mechanics l.l.c., Slovenia
  2. Kuressaare Ametikool, Estonia
  3. Sachsische Bildunggeselschaft Furumweltschutz und Chemiberufe Dresden MBH - SBG, Germany
  4. Regional Development Agency Zasavje, Slovenia
  5. 3D Group Cluster 3D Technology, Croatia

The value of the project is 200.705,00 EUR, while the share of RDA Zasavje is 29.534,00 EUR

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