Zasavje region

Zasavje region in numbers

485 km2 površin
57.091 prebivalcev
4.011 podjetij
13.236 povp. bruto plača
66 % delovne aktivnosti
The Zasavje region lies in the heart of Slovenia, by the middle course of the Sava river and is surrounded by numerous hills and mountains among which the highest is Kum also called the Zasavje Triglav. It consists of the municipalities Hrastnik, Trbovlje Zagorje ob Savi and Litija.

Zasavje region is a specific Slovenian mining region. The economic boom of the region was more than two hundred and fifty years ago all thanks to the black gold – coal, which also dictated the development of other branches of industry in the region. The glass industry also has more than one hundred and fifty years of tradition in the Zasavje region.

The region has access to the highway network at Trojane. Additionally the region has a connection to the railway, which runs through the whole region and so to the V., as well as X. Pan-European Transport Corridor. The region is only an hour drive away from the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana and a good half hour drive away from Celje, thus offering an excellent starting point within Slovenia, as well as further afield.

On the basis of rich technical knowledge from the past nowadays, glass, electrical, chemical, casting and mechanical industry, are being further developed in the Zasavje region. Because mining in the region is ending the energy engineering is in the process of restructuring.

At the same time innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of information technology and new materials are being developed or are in the process of development. Some of them are highly specialized and present leading companies on the global scale not just on the local scale. 

Some empty industrial buildings and former mining areas in the region also present an opportunity for development. A variety of financial incentives for regional development will be available by which the government of the Republic of Slovenia promotes economic competitiveness of the region, in the form of grants and reimbursable funds, tax incentives for investment, employment and similar. 

Zasavje region also offers an abundance of opportunities for active leisure. Hiking in landscape parks of Zasavje hills, touring biking, rafting on the river Sava, mining and technical heritage museums are just one of them.
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Zasavje region