The regional administration in the field of internationalization and foreign direct investment

The project partnership consists of 12 regional development agencies under the auspices of Spirit Slovenia. The project is being implemented from 1.7.2020 till 30.9.2022. The project is solving the problem of a very unrelated current existing INVEST environment in Slovenia. The data that already exists are mostly of poor quality, incomplete and, above all, out of date. There is no system solution that would enable the identification, inventory and up-to-date of the desired data. Therefore, we have formed a partnership that will provide up-to-date information on investment opportunities, business zones and the structure of the business environment within the project, and ensure the flow of information from the local / regional level to the national level and vice versa. The secondary goal of the project is to raise competencies in the field of internationalization and foreign and domestic direct investments at the regional level. Based on the data that will be provided within the project, campaigns will be implemented and measures and strategic guidelines for increasing realized investments, increasing jobs and export-oriented companies will be proposed.

Jernej Lipar
Jernej Lipar
Financial Manager (project Pronacul)
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Zasavje region