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European commission has decided to co-finance the implementation of the RAMSAT project through the European Territorial Cooperation Program Interreg Europe in which Regional development agency Zasavje (RDA Zasavje) is one of the 6 project partners.
Project RAMSAT (an acronym for Revitalizing Remote And Mountainous areas through Sustainable Alternative Tourism) aims to revitalize, through sustainable tourism, the remote and mountainous areas of regions. Sustainable tourism, based on natural and cultural heritage, can in such areas increase economic activity, making them more attractive for living and implementing business activities, while contributing to the preservation of cultural and natural heritage.
Zasavje region natural and cultural heritage is located in remote and mountainous areas, namely in form of protected areas of Natura 2000 or mountaineering and thematic routes. These areas have always been popular among local residents and hikers as a place for relaxation and recreation. Recently, the Slovenian Touring Trail was routed through Zasavje region hills, setting the Zasavje region on backcountry cycling map. Also rafting and parachuting are becoming very popular in the region. The remote and hilly parts of the Zasavje region have a great potential for the development of sustainable tourism. The RAMSAT project will attempt to develop the sustainable tourism to the extent that Zasavje region will become a region that is preserving its natural and cultural heritage through sustainable tourism.
In addition to RDA Zasavje, the following partners are involved in the project:
  • Alto Alentejo Intermunicipal Community (Portugal), Lead Partner
  • Euroregion Pleven-Olt (Bulgaria)
  • Provincial Government of Teruel (Spain)
  • Rural Area Partnership and Derry Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • Rasinari Municipality (Romania)
Within the framework of the project, the project partners will carry out 30 workshops with project stakeholders, 4 thematic seminars, 2 interregional working meetings and 6 study visits, that will include representatives of project partners and stakeholders from the regions participating in the project. In the final phase of the project all project partners will elaborate an action plan that will include projects for the revitalization of mountain and remote areas of the region and anticipate the funds needed for the realisation of these projects.  

The project will be implemented in 4 years. The budget of the project amount to 885.767,00 EUR, for RDA Zasavje 126.300,00 EUR. RDA Zasavje will receive 85 % of the funds from the European regional development fund.


Martin Šikovc
Martin Šikovc
Head of the Just Transition Department
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