Just Transition Fund is a new financial instrument in the framework of cohesion policy, which supports areas that face major socio-economic challenges due to the transition to climate neutrality. It will facilitate the implementation of the European Green Deal, whose goal is climate-neutral EU by 2050. Zasavje region is a European coal region and thus eligible for Just Transition Fund.

In December 2019, the European Commission adopted a communication on the European Green Deal, in which it set out the roadmap for the new EU growth policy. Within the framework of the European Green Deal and with the aim of effectively and fairly achieving the EU's climate neutrality goal, it proposed the establishment of a just transition mechanism, which includes the Just Transition Fund. The European commission stated that just transition mechanism should focus on regions and sectors that will be most affected by the transition due to their dependence on fossil fuels, including coal, peat and oil shale, and on industrial processes with high greenhouse gas intensity. It will facilitate the implementation of the European Green Deal, which aims for a climate-neutral EU by 2050.

The main objective of the fund is to mitigate the impact of the transition by financing the diversification and modernization of the local economy and mitigating the negative consequences for employment. In order to achieve this goal, the Just Transition Fund supports investments in areas such as digital connectivity, clean energy technologies, emissions reduction, industrial site renewal, worker retraining and technical assistance [Source:].

Zasavje regional development agency operates the Center for Just Transition, which serves as an entry point for potential applicants, as well as information point for the general public interested in the activities of the Just Transition Fund.

Click HERE for more info on the implementation of the Just Transition Mechanism in the Zasavje region.

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