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Zasavje Regional development agency operates the Center for Just Transition, which serves as an entry point for potential applicants, as well as for general public, interested in the activities of the Just Transition Fund.

Center for Just Transition is a unit that operates separately from the tasks performed within the framework of governance. The purpose of the center is to carry out the following activities:
  • establishing local partnerships and networking for the needs of implementing projects or operations,
  • conducting trainings and strengthening the capacity of project sponsors,
  • providing support in the project elaboration phase (support in the development of project ideas, preparation of applications, investment documentation, etc.),
  • monitoring the implementation of projects and support in project management, as well as recording of spatially and environmentally degraded areas (condition, optimal use, method and timeline of remediation,...),
  • elaboration of studies and analyzes necessary for effective and timely implementation of the strategy and related programs, measures or projects,

Center for Just Transition also acts as the main information point, thereby ensuring the consistent implementation of information and notification measures for both local stakeholders (e.g. citizens, project sponsors, workers in the coal industry, etc.) as well as the wider interested public. It also coordinates the activities of all stakeholders in the region (youth, NGOs, social partners, economy, local communities, others) in activities related to the implementation of the ONPP of the Zasava region.

A form for project idea identification is available below for project holders. In order to provide quality consulting in the development of your project, you can forward the completed form to the contacts listed below.

Center for Just Transition is located at the headquarters of the Zasavje Regional Development Agency, Kolodvorska cesta 2, 1410 Zagorje ob Savi.

For all information, we are available at the contacts below.

Martin Šikovc, Head of Department
+386(0)70 789 033

Kristijan Adamlje, professional associate
+386(0)40 186 526

Barbara Avsenak, professional associate
+386(0)70 484 201
Zasavje Regional Development Agency will also co-manage the Just Transition with the Managing Authority (MA) and Intermediate Bodies (IB).

It is foreseen:
  • cooperation in the planning of the just transition implementation system,
  • cooperation with MB (management body) in activities at the regional level to ensure partnership with young people, non-governmental organizations, social partners, the economy, representatives of local communities, institutes and others,
  • membership in the committee for monitoring the EKP 21 - 27 program, cooperation in the preparation and changes of the regional plan,
  • cooperation with IBs (intermediary bodies) in operations selection procedures,
  • examining and giving opinions on the compliance of applications for a decision on support with the regional plan,
  • monitoring the implementation of the regional plan: preparation of implementation reports (quarterly, annual, final), reporting to the MB,
  • cooperation with MB and IB in the evaluation of ONPP implementation.


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