Kolodvorska cesta 2, 1410 Zagorje ob Savi, Slovenija

Council of the region

In accordance with the Law on Balanced Regional Development and the Regulation about the regional development programs the Council of the region presents an authority on a regional level, consisting of Zasavje region municipality’s mayors, namely mayors of the municipality Hrastnik, Trbovlje and Zagorje ob Savi. The council has a president. The mandate of the council’s president and vice-president is bound to the mandate of the mayor and lasts for 2 years from the day of election.
After the end of the council of the region presidents’ mandate the function of the president is assumed by the vice-president of the council of the region and for the current two years only the vice-president is being elected. The mayor of municipality Trbovlje starts the presidency, then the mayor of municipality Zagorje ob Savi, followed by the mayor of municipality Hrastnik.
Administrative, technical and professional tasks for the Council of the region implements the Regional Development Agency Zasavje in accordance with the Law on Balanced Regional Development.
Organization and working methods as well as tasks of the Council of the region are further defined in the council’s rules of procedure.
Members of the Council of the region:


Mayor/ Mayoress


Marko Funkl, vice president


Jasna Gabrič

Zagorje ob Savi

Matjaž Švagan, president 

The Council of the region tasks are:
  • acceptance of the regional development program,
  • validation of the regional development program implementation plan,
  • validation of criteria for establishing a list of priority regional development projects,
  • the appointment of municipality representatives in the Regional Development Council,
  • the appointment of representatives in the Development Council of cohesion region,
  • determining the organizational structure of institutions at the development region level,
  • conclusion of the agreement about the financing of regional institutions operations between the municipalities and other partners at the development region level,
  • supervision over the work of the Regional Development Agency,
  • presentation of the region and cooperation with regions from other countries.

Council of the region secretary:
Martin Šikovc, RRA Zasavje technical assistant
0838 49 503