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Regional guarantee scheme Zasavje

About the Regional guarantee scheme

Regional guarantee scheme presents a financial incentives instrument for small businesses which the state and local communities have transferred to the region.
Regional guarantee scheme Zasavje is a regional guarantee scheme for the Zasavje region for which, the Slovenian regional development fund, as a notifier and holder of the regional guarantee scheme implementation and on open tender selected scheme provider for the Zasavje region, Zasavje Regional development agency, conducted a contract on the implementation of the regional guarantee scheme Zasavje.

These sort of entrepreneurship promotion advantages:
- as the aim of the guarantee scheme is not the acquisition of profit, companies can obtain loans and guarantees for them under the most favourable conditions,
- investment risk is lower as the programs are, at the same time, assessed by the Zasavje Regional development agency, banks and entrepreneurs themselves,
- regional development agency also provides all the necessary information and professional assistance to investors.
By issuing guarantees for loans, that borrowers lease from a selected bank, the guarantee scheme increases the accessibility to loans for small business sector as loan securing is still one of the key problems for small business enterprises. The advantages of such financing are also favourable interest rates and lower costs of getting a loan.
The guarantee scheme allocates funds for assigning guarantees to small and medium-sized enterprises that are leasing loans from banks. Through the guarantee scheme the enterprise can insure liabilities to the bank with a guarantee.


The main objectives of the guarantee scheme are:
- accelerating the development and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises and the lucrative activity of entrepreneurs,
- increasing investment activity in the region,
- reducing the unemployment rate,
- creating opportunities for restructuring of the regional economy,
- facilitating access to loans for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with the reduction of interest rates and bank requirements for securing loans.

Regional guarantee scheme achieves the main objectives by offering guarantees based on favourable bank loans for:
a) initial investments in tangible and intangible fixed assets associated with the establishment of a new business unit, with the capacity extension of an existing business unit, with the business unit production diversification on products and services not previously produced in the eligible area or with the substantial alternation of the production process in an existing business unit,
b) operating assets.


Cumulative guarantee potential of the Regional guarantee scheme Zasavje amounts to 3.200.000,00 EUR and is tendered on the basis of the Slovenian regional development fund assets for the implementation of regional guarantee schemes.
For the implementation of Regional guarantee scheme Zasavje the Slovenian regional development fund ensures funds up to 1.000.000,00 EUR.
For Regional guarantee schemes Slovenian regional development fund allocates funds of dedicated assets. Regional guarantee scheme promotes the development of small business enterprises by providing 50 to 80 % guarantees for bank loans.


The credit guarantee committee is an important institution in the implementation of the Regional guarantee scheme and is consisted of at least 6 members: 1 representative of the bank (the grantor who approves the loan), 3 representatives of the Regional development council (2 representatives of economic sector and 1 representative of local community), 1 representative of the Slovenian regional development fund and 1 representative of the Regional guarantee scheme provider, wherein the committee has the following jurisdictions:
- proceeding the received applications and approving the guarantees,
- rejects applications that do not meet the terms of the Regional guarantee scheme,
- determines reinsurance instruments,
- discusses the project acceptance reports and proposes to the director of the Regional guarantee scheme provider to adopt remedial and other measures regarding the problems of entrepreneurs,
- performs other, by general acts and by body of the enforcer decisions, tasks.


- Zasavje regional development agency publishes a public tender.
- Submission of applications by applicants.
- Checking the formalities of a complete application by the Zasavje regional development agency.
- Proceeding of the application by the Credit guarantee committee.
- Issuing a decision on the basis of the Credit guarantee resolution.

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